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Basic Rules of Investment

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Do not ever put all your money in one program

Even the most serious project can shut down. But taking part in 8-10 programs at once you secure yourself. Even if we assume that a good half of these programs are closed, you’ll still have 4-5 projects in reserve, whose income will help to compensate the lost financial means and to remain in profit.

Play safe in any case, even if you are sure of the project at 100%, and all your friends have put their money in it. Anyway, divide your capital into parts and invest in different projects.

Do not trust high percentage of profit

As a rule, it’s a guaranty that the project is a scam. The reasoned rate for a HYIP – up to 40% of monthly profit. There are long-lived projects, that can be found in my list too, offering higher percent for bigger amounts invested. But at those conditions I suggest you to invest only your previously received income (but not to start your investment work).

Don’t be lazy

In order to make an investment, one must find a project, study its terms and conditions, register, transfer money. I have firsthand knowledge, that at some point it becomes boring splitting the total sum among several places. You look at one project and think: “Here is the good program, paying regularly for 2 moths. Why shouldn’t I invest here $1500-2000 at one bout and then I’m done”.

This is exactly the way I was losing money at the beginning of my investment work. Instead of spreading it out among 10-20 baskets and reducing the risks with each new investment, I confined myself to 5-6 of them. It is natural, that in case of problems I wasn’t losing 5-10% of the total any more, but already 20%.

Hence, here goes the hint: put in each project no more than 10-12% of the total volume of investments.

Be mindful of security

Keep your password safe. Do not use one password with different HYIPs. Otherwise, frauds might get access to all of your accounts at once. The first-rate blunder is using the same password for HYIPs and EPS (Electronic Payment Systems).

Creating a password, take care to make it as hard as possible to pick out. Save all the passwords into one file (also password protected) or write down on paper.

All special files needed for working with several EPS should be stored on portable data media, such as flash memory cards.

Do not ever open emails received from unknown addresses. Such emails may contain viruses and Trojans used by frauds to steal your account login and password.

Do not pay attention to emails that seem to be signed by your EPS support service. As a rule, they’re sent by frauds looking to making investors believe in so-called system technical problems and send their registration data, login and password to a fake email address.

Change all your passwords to new ones at least every 3-4 weeks.

It is a must:

  1. Clean your PC from viruses and any spyware, that may steal passwords and codes allowing frauds to access your accounts in projects and EPS.
  2. Type and save your passwords and logins in a file, and DO NOT EVER USE YOUR KEYBOARD to enter your accounts. Just copy your passwords and paste them in the form fields (captcha always changes, so you can type it). Or use the “virtual keyboard” provided in multiple projects, in other words – use only your mouse.
Why is this so important? Because spyware usually logs passwords when you press your keyboard keys.

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